[LeeZu!] and Finesmith Design

Leezu Baxter is one of the firsts designers who had join and trust on the Fan Shopping Chat group. I am really proud to have her as designer.

Leezu team is also really helpfull and nice. Now they join the blog, Thank you so !!!

Here is the new Leezu mesh dress.

LeeZu! Oxford Dress /stripes lila

To match this lovely dress, I had choose Finesmith– Rissa Friller MV Australia- Tribal Glam Formal.
Yula Finesmith is also a great and well known creator who had join Fan Shopping Chat more than a year ago.  I will never thanks her enough for being so helpfull and nice.


 To complete this style I needed a soft but non less wonderfull skin.
GLAM  AFFAIR Linn skin, is I think the best choice.
Aida Ewing and M4r1yin Magic had also join us last year, thanks for them generousity and simplicity.
 And a classy hair from Osmose : Fascination/Onyx.
Thanks to Fauve Beaumont for joining us too.
How cannot being proud of those 5 talentuous designers in my group?

-Glam Affair- Linn Light

By joining us inworld, you’ll can get all news and offers from these designers.
By following this blog, you will learn more about other great designers of the group.
Thanks so for your interest.

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