Finesmith Designs – MVW Rissa Tribal Glam Formal

I am wearing the same jewels that the very beautiful Miss Australia and 1st runner up to the title of Miss Virtual Rissa Frilla wore with her formal outfit.

Yula has really captured Rissa’s essence with this fine deleicate and unique set.  Yula has created the waves of Autralia and brought them to us in the form of precious metals and stones.  This set and many more as worn by MVW finalists are available at Finesmith Designs mainstore, ready for you to own.

See you there! :)

Style card

Dress – Soie et Taffetas/rose – AlaFolie

Hair – Desire- Osmose

Nails – Headturners


Thank you for making it happen. :D




About La Duchesse 2010

I'm a Second Life© Model, writer, instructor and blogger. I really enjoy the world of fashion and I get great pleasure from sharing this aspect of the Second Life© world with you. View all posts by La Duchesse 2010

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