[LeeZu] – Nataly Mesh Pullover and Nuage Mesh Skirt

[LeeZu] have created some more mesh seperates to liven up your wardrobe and as usual they are fab.

This is the LeeZu Nuage beige ruffle mesh skirt with the black mesh pullover.  They are just awesome together although you can wear them which ever way you want.  The textures used in the clothing is 2nd to none. 

This is the mauve pullover with the bubblegum Nuage skirt. 

The Nuage skirt is very flattering to the figure, while the pullover gives any outfit that certain edge.  These are brilliant pieces to carry through to spring.

Here, I’ve put the olivebrown pullover with the plain Brown skirt.

You’ll find these along with lots of other LeeZu goodies at  [LeeZu’s] mainstoreDo enjoy! :D


Hair – Kate/ black – Kik

Ovis aries/ blode – Kik

Boots – Shearling/Bistre – Maitreya

Shoes – Essence/ Noir intense – N-Core

Thank you for making it happen :D


About La Duchesse 2010

I'm a Second Life© Model, writer, instructor and blogger. I really enjoy the world of fashion and I get great pleasure from sharing this aspect of the Second Life© world with you. View all posts by La Duchesse 2010

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