Fashion Limited

Another fantastic new Edition of the

Fashion Limited #18.

Gorgeous designs from the best designers of the grid like;

Purple Moon Creations with the soft and delicate Ra Gown in Orange tone with the amazing detail on the neck, a prim necklace that matches the dress.

[[Loovus Dzevavor]] presents this lovely Updo Beam,

elegant and detailed hair comes in all shades.

Chop Zuey Tomorrow’s Son Jewel Set in Gold

includes Necklace, Bracelet in 2 sizes and Earrings.

Detailed jewelry perfectly designed combining  a modern design in gold with the classic detail of diamonds.



 :: PM :: Ra Gown in Orange

[[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Beam Rouge 4

Chop Zuey Tomorrow’s Son Gold Jewel Set


and from Chrysalis, this cute lovely Ballerina style outfits also with ballet shoes.

Hand made little flowers enhances the outfit made in delicate fabrics in soft yellow tones.

Chrysalis – Rosalina with Chrysalis – Ballet shoes
[[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Beam Ditzie 2
ChopZuey Tomorrow’s Son Gold Set

Hurry because limited quantities of each item at half price for a month.


Your Limo to the Fashion Limited


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