Fashion Limited 19th

Every new edition of the Fashion Limited is better than the last one, I can’t wait for next month to see the new offers that we can get here for half price and the quality of the designs is just outstanding.

From Chrysalis; this cute Bonbon Dress in beige


  From Gizza, this sexy summer Tunic Suit [Tigerish]

From [[LD]] Stunning hair  Grinch (upper in Ditzie 1 and down in Rouge)

From *LpD* – this comfy *Matilda* Poncho Black

 From TreiZe, cute set, Poly Pants and Top

 From Angel Dessous, Gorgeous soft dress with jewels, Patty-springred

Your Limo to Fashion Limited


Styling Card:

Pic 1:[sYs] KEIRA  lips V3 (Beige)

.ILLUSORY. Hair_Kimmi – Honey

Maitreya Gold – Hana Silver Patent

Pic 2&3: [[LD]] Cosmetics: WILD Lip-Leopard

Pic 3:*LpD* – *Boho Girl* Black Pants

blackLiquid MAKEUP – african dream gloss 1

[[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Grinch Rouge 2

Pic4:Hair by EMOtions Shena

Shoes by N-Core

Pose by Di’s Opera


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In SL since October 2007, I owe Purple Moon Decorations, Emotions, Luna Body Art, Mystic Paradise Rentals. I'm a professional model, blogger, instructor, producer, Opium Evolution General Manager, [AM] COO View all posts by Lua

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