Today I have the pleasure of presenting two very different creations available at Fashion Limited, a place where you can find really different styles and mix them all.

The common trait for the two dresses is the flowery spring feeling they both inspired in me.

First the NYA Shop Easter Dinner dress, a knee length dress, in white with floral motifs, it is a very easy to wear dress, a graceful and feminine addition to your wardrobe. I added shoes by Redgrave, white classic clutch by Belod and a fun headband by Lode.

The second dress is a long piece by Loovus Dzevavour in bold flowers, I felt very lively in it and I paired it with the Farewell My Love, Maleficent make up by LovelyMi, also available at Fashion Limited, shoes by Redgrave.

The hair is by Magika in two different colors, the skins are by BLUSH Skins.


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