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Leezu Petticoat dress

Back in 20s for a glamour style… I love these ”crazy years ” with the music, dances and style they had

LeeZu Sandys Petticoat Dress – pink

Dress:      [LeeZu!] Sandys Petticoat Dress – pink
Hair:        ::HINAKO Hair Naries-B

Shoes:    Maitreya Treaders Pure


Leezu & LPD

Leezu Sophia dress

Dress:     Leezu Sophia Mesh dress  (new)

Shoes:    Maitreya Gold – Allure-Sock Misty Rose

Belt & necklace:    Maitreya coin

Book:    *elymode* El’s Leather Sketch Book

Hair:     .:EMO-tions:. * TARA *

Skin:    Glam affair Gio Light

Glasses:    AIR_KIRIN

Finesmith– Stem of wheat to chew:)

Lpd *Deb* dress brown

Outfit:    Lpd *Deb* dress brown  ( exclusive for the Fashion Store : )

Hair:    MrS – Languid – Asymmetric haircut –

Jewels & nails:    Mandala Sinra collection


LeeZu! NOiR Nightingale Gown

Feeling like a Diva in this new dress from Leezu NOIR collection. It simply fit me like a glove and textures details are really amazing.. We are on morning but I can’t take it of…lol

LeeZu! NOiR Nightingale Gown <Mesh>



Outfit:    LeeZu!  NOiR Nightingale Gown <Mesh>  (coming with hat & earrings)

Hair:     Bizarre hair Medusa + Bizarre hair  Adele

Skin:    Glam Affair Mary light


[LeeZu] – Nataly Mesh Pullover and Nuage Mesh Skirt

[LeeZu] have created some more mesh seperates to liven up your wardrobe and as usual they are fab.

This is the LeeZu Nuage beige ruffle mesh skirt with the black mesh pullover.  They are just awesome together although you can wear them which ever way you want.  The textures used in the clothing is 2nd to none. 

This is the mauve pullover with the bubblegum Nuage skirt. 

The Nuage skirt is very flattering to the figure, while the pullover gives any outfit that certain edge.  These are brilliant pieces to carry through to spring.

Here, I’ve put the olivebrown pullover with the plain Brown skirt.

You’ll find these along with lots of other LeeZu goodies at  [LeeZu’s] mainstoreDo enjoy! :D


Hair – Kate/ black – Kik

Ovis aries/ blode – Kik

Boots – Shearling/Bistre – Maitreya

Shoes – Essence/ Noir intense – N-Core

Thank you for making it happen :D

[LeeZu!] – Viola Vintage Blouse/ Lila leaf and Garden

Welcome again to fan shopping chat for more gorgeousness.

Today I am bringing you [LeeZu!] gorgeousness in the form of their new Viola blouses.  This one is the Lila leaf, which is a striking pink.  True to the [LeeZu!] brand, the quality is of the highest standard.  The sculpted shape and texture brings realism to the garment which makes it a pleasure to wear.  As always there are endles ways of styling it. 


Look at the blouse in the garden design.  How beautiful is that?  Big prints are in, and the creative combination of colours opens up the possibility of a variety of addtional separates and accessories. 

These blouses are available to purchase at [LeeZu’s] mainstore right now, so brighten up you winter wardrobe with a [LeeZu!] Viola Blouse.


Style Card
[pic 1]

Hair – Mimi 01 / dark mocha – [69]

Glasses – Custom eyewear – Gos

Earrings – Mimmi/ Smokey Pink – Finesmith Designs

Bodysuit – Miley Attire – Diram

Tights – Miss Tre/ Lilac – [LeeZu!]

Gloves – Miss Tre/ Pink – [LeeZu!]

Parted lips – Headturners [IM Leah Portland for Details]

Pose – Headturners [IM Leah Portland for Details]

[pic 2]

Hair – Alanis/Caviar – Bliss Couture

Gloves – Miss Tre/ red – [LeeZu!]

Tights – fishnet tights (part of Coralie) – Morea Style

Boots – Aphrodite/ black leather and lace – P10

Pose – Agape
Thank you for making it happen 😀


Leezu – Viola Blouse

I had fall in love with the new Mesh blouse from Leezu… I can tell that I  fall in love with all leezu creations, but who don’t? 
[LeeZu!] Viola Vintage Blouse /white


Hair:  [kik]hair-Suzy*kanzashi

Pant:  [celoe.lolong.trousers.tautara]

Blouse2:  [LeeZu!] Valerie Blouse /

Skin:  -Glam Affair – GiO skin Black Snow

 Earrings:   Finesmith pearls


[LeeZu] – Oxford Mesh Dresses – Wool blue

[LeeZu] have these fabulous more-ish Oxford Mesh dresses.  They are more-ish because it is seriously hard to choose just one.

here’s why.

This is the wool blue.  Just look at the amazing detail in the texture, doesn’t it make you wanna reach in and pull it right out?  You can almost touch the buttons that you see down the front.  I feel warm all over just lo0king at it.

The same dress is made in a stripe version, equally as gorgeous.  The texture on this one gives a slightly different feel to the outfit.  Indeed you can add different accessories to this one to create a smarter look. 

Ok so I changed it up a bitBare legs look even longer in the Oxford dress with a pair of heels.  Add some simple jewels (if you want to) and hey presto, go from a day out around town to a night out on the tiles.  Meeeeeeowwwww!

I don’t know about you but I am in love with these. 

Take a look for yourself at the [LeeZu] mainstore. 

Race ya! 😉



PICS 1& 2


Hair – Loq

Bag – Maitreya (mesh)

Boots- Maitreya (mesh)

Gloves – Miss Tre [LeeZu]

Tights – Miss Tre [LeeZu]

Stockings – Amour [LeeZu]

Lips – Headturners

Poses – C O R P U S



Hair – [Lelutka] (mesh)

Jewels – Shae -Finesmith Designs

Shoes – N-Core

Pose – AGAPE


Thank you for making it happen



[Leezu!]- Westwood Coats

Check out these cool new coats from Leezu! 

These are serioulsy stylish.  They are sculpted and the textures are unique.  They are available in a range of colours….

…such as brown, cream, palace flowers (all 3 shown in the photos), royal blue, leopard, green leafs and black. 

The coats include pocket details and a gorgeous chunky scarf.  Don’t forget you can add any 0f the LeeZu accessories to make your look interesting.  I’ve added their Miss tre tights, gloves and and Amour stockings so I can go and play. 

Show your fun side with a [LeeZu] Westood coat.  Your only difficulty is deciding on which one/s. 🙂


[LeeZu!] and Finesmith Design

Leezu Baxter is one of the firsts designers who had join and trust on the Fan Shopping Chat group. I am really proud to have her as designer.

Leezu team is also really helpfull and nice. Now they join the blog, Thank you so !!!

Here is the new Leezu mesh dress.

LeeZu! Oxford Dress /stripes lila

To match this lovely dress, I had choose Finesmith– Rissa Friller MV Australia- Tribal Glam Formal.
Yula Finesmith is also a great and well known creator who had join Fan Shopping Chat more than a year ago.  I will never thanks her enough for being so helpfull and nice.


 To complete this style I needed a soft but non less wonderfull skin.
GLAM  AFFAIR Linn skin, is I think the best choice.
Aida Ewing and M4r1yin Magic had also join us last year, thanks for them generousity and simplicity.
 And a classy hair from Osmose : Fascination/Onyx.
Thanks to Fauve Beaumont for joining us too.
How cannot being proud of those 5 talentuous designers in my group?

-Glam Affair- Linn Light

By joining us inworld, you’ll can get all news and offers from these designers.
By following this blog, you will learn more about other great designers of the group.
Thanks so for your interest.