Designer form.

 Who are we what we do?

Founded by Elyna Carver, this group helps you to communicate with a large number of customers.

Every designer is evaluate to guarantee the quality of the products offered. Only original designers will be invited.

With more than 1500 members and 150 designers, we are growing up day after day…

That’s why I ask every Designer to have in them mainstore, in a visible spot, the Fan Shopping Board.

This will help to increase the group’s members and your potential customers.

Employment offers, ads for fashions shows, castings, events, magazines … are also welcome.


Half price items from some of our best Fan Shopping Chat designers, only available in our store!

Limited to 25 items each !!


We have a blog named after Fan shopping Group.
Designers can send to models them news in Fan shopping Chat Bloggers group


We can make your store and vendors ads, logos or any pic you need.
We have some talentuous and well known models to mix & match perfectly your creations.
Our Photographer, Jennifer Felisimo, have done yet some ads for LaVie, Finesmith, M&M, BeStyle and for Fan Shopping Chat.
She also do runway pics and logos.


Because we want the best for our designers, we are in collaboration with D.S.M.A (D’ior) Fashion Agency.

Contact me for more informations.


The inscription fee to enter as designer in Fan Shopping inworld  group is L$1000 (non refundable).

One time fee.

What do you have to do?

If you are interested in participating please Make a notecard with:

Your complete name

Your brand name

Your Logo

Your SLURL or LM

rename your notecard  . Fan Shopping Designer – Your Name –

and send it to Elyna Carver
*** By filling it, you are agree with the rules:

| Rezzing the group joiner board in your mainstore.
| Sending notices only for new products or sales, no more than 2 a week.
| NEVER advertise an event or a store like The dressing room, Chic event, 55L fridays or thursdays or even modays…
And others like that (I have to run the Fashion Limited so no concurrency will be tolerate)
*If rules are broken ( no Fan board in your mainstore, more than 2 notices a week…), you will receive an advertisment.
After 3 advertisments, I will have to eject you from the group, with no refund.

Elyna Carver, Fan Shopping CEO.
Jennifer Felisimo & Charlotte Bluebird, Fan shopping Managers


*On Flickr
(Join group and post your favourites pics of items you get in the store)

** Fan Shopping Chat Blog


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