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When i am Queen



Style card

Skin – AD-Skin Maya  (New release)

Crown and earrings – h.m.a.e.m. – i was a queen (new release)

Stockings – *RibboN*Relax

Tutu -Takarah; – With Lola – Gothic Lolita Dress

Shoes – ezura + eXotic Ballerina Heels(new release)

Nails – Finesmith

Collar – from AVid Gothic Clothing – Purgatoria (new release)

Hair -Paper Couture -Femme Fatale Bun


Location – Mysterious Wave


Finesmith sales


storewide sale in Finesmith

before we are going on spring renovations. come visit and enjoy first and second floor of 50% off jewelry, nails and shoes.
but really who needs a reason as long as it is SALE time:)


March 16- March 23

*Pic done by Jennifer Felisimo


Finesmith Designs – Straw for Fashion Limited

Yula Finesmith has made the Straw set in White and Pink for the Fashion Limited Store and I adore it.

This is an amazing set full of Yula’s trade mark character.  Although entitled straw, each piece is refined and quite glamorous.  I liked it against the black and white background because that is what instantly came into my head when I put it on.  It will inspire each wearer in a different way.  In any case both the white and pink versions are available at the Fashion Limited store at 270L which is half the normal price.  They will be there only for a limited time so do make sure you head that way and get yours while you can. 

Don’t forget to check out all of her new releases at Finesmith Designs Mainstore also.  You won’t be dissapointed.  Have fun shopping! 😀


Outfit – Power Suit/Hers- Ladies Who Lunch


Prim teeth – HEADTURNERS

Thank you for making it happen 😀


DIRAM presents LADY GAGA : Fashion awards

LADY GAGA : Fashion awards is one of the new releases by djod Karu designer of Diram.

You Gonna Marry DIRAM …

You’ve waited …. You have claimed ….  you imagined ….. DIRAM did it. One thing is sure….  you will be GAGA in 2012 !

DIRAM Presents to you : GAGALICIOUS

Outfit –  Diram (LADY GAGA : Fashion awards)

Shoes – [LWL] (Precarious Platforms)

Skin – cStar – (LouLou)

Hair – Vanity Hair(Chiffon)

Jewellery and Nails – Finesmith (BlackNile)

Solidea Folies – Moroccan Spice

Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies has created this breathtaking piece, called Moroccan Spice and I totally love it.  I don’t want to take it off, so I won’t for a while.  It’s so pretty and elegant and very girly. 

It consists of a tattoo layer for both the top and bottom, featuring stars on the top and a symmetrical design on the bottom.

The tattoo layer top has a cool design on the back as well.

The skirt is stunning with ruffles and a spray of tiny spheres willing you to dance.  The matching top and floral head-dress perfectly ties the whole look together.  This is a must have.  Morrocan Spice will be availabe soon at the Fan Limited Store.  Look out for the LM

Style card

Hair – small bun/ black – Papaer Couture

Earrings – Laeticia/ Gold 18k – Finemith Designs

Nails – Metallic nails – Finesmith Designs

Belly Jewel – My Heart Button (Valentine kit) – Finesmith Designs

Shoes –  Obssession – N-Core

Poses – Morgane’s Shoot – Icy Pleasures
Thank your for making it happen 😀

Finesmith Designs – MVW Rissa Tribal Glam Formal

I am wearing the same jewels that the very beautiful Miss Australia and 1st runner up to the title of Miss Virtual Rissa Frilla wore with her formal outfit.

Yula has really captured Rissa’s essence with this fine deleicate and unique set.  Yula has created the waves of Autralia and brought them to us in the form of precious metals and stones.  This set and many more as worn by MVW finalists are available at Finesmith Designs mainstore, ready for you to own.

See you there! :)

Style card

Dress – Soie et Taffetas/rose – AlaFolie

Hair – Desire- Osmose

Nails – Headturners


Thank you for making it happen. :D



[LeeZu!] and Finesmith Design

Leezu Baxter is one of the firsts designers who had join and trust on the Fan Shopping Chat group. I am really proud to have her as designer.

Leezu team is also really helpfull and nice. Now they join the blog, Thank you so !!!

Here is the new Leezu mesh dress.

LeeZu! Oxford Dress /stripes lila

To match this lovely dress, I had choose Finesmith– Rissa Friller MV Australia- Tribal Glam Formal.
Yula Finesmith is also a great and well known creator who had join Fan Shopping Chat more than a year ago.  I will never thanks her enough for being so helpfull and nice.


 To complete this style I needed a soft but non less wonderfull skin.
GLAM  AFFAIR Linn skin, is I think the best choice.
Aida Ewing and M4r1yin Magic had also join us last year, thanks for them generousity and simplicity.
 And a classy hair from Osmose : Fascination/Onyx.
Thanks to Fauve Beaumont for joining us too.
How cannot being proud of those 5 talentuous designers in my group?

-Glam Affair- Linn Light

By joining us inworld, you’ll can get all news and offers from these designers.
By following this blog, you will learn more about other great designers of the group.
Thanks so for your interest.