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News from * Sascha’s Designs!!

There are alot of unic creations in Sas shop. But if you are truly looking for glamorous dresses or special items I belive you will find alot here! Today Im honored to be wearing SAS pants and Jacket. Its easy to mix and match them with other stuff in my inventory like tops,coats and vests.


Pants and jacket are from SAS- Paisley pants and Carmen Mocca jacket

Hair from- Leverocci

Scarf and bag are from : R.icielli


Sascha’s Designs- Wild Leopard Coat

Sascha’s Designs has come to Fan Shopping Chat

Sascha has been making fabulous designs much longer than I have been in Second Life©.

I’d like to share the SAS Wild Leopard Coat with you.

This fully sculpted coat in a leopard skin texture, comes complete with the pants and sweater worn underneath.  You can just see the belt detail on the pants, while the sweater has a collar attachment.  If you’re wild at heart then this is for you.

The Sascha’s Design Wild Leopard Coat is available at Sascha’s Designs Mainstore where she has this and many many more tempting designs. 

Take a walk on the wild side. 🙂